Fix PPTX after Application Error

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Requirements: Windows 7/XP/Vista Microsoft Office 2000 or above must be installed on the host computer

How to Repair PPTX after Application Error?

To create an attractive PowerPoint presentation we have to work hard and it may comprise great importance in some situation of your life.  In such cases, any types of inaccessibility of that PPTX file can make your life miserable. One of the common reasons behind such inconvenience is occurrence of unexpected error like “PPTX File Is Not a Valid Win32 Application”. If you are unable to open your essential PPT file because of this reason, no need to panic. You should rely on Repair PPTX tool that can fix almost all type of errors occurred on PowerPoint file very easily. It is a well-known repair utility to fix corrupted or damaged presentation file that you unable to open. There might be plenty of reasons behind corruption of PPTX file, but this application has the potential to repair PPTX after application error with ease.

Some common reason responsible for such error messages are:

PPTX File Corruption: PowerPoint files can be corrupted easily due to improper termination. If you close MS Office PowerPoint abruptly before saving your PPTX file, it may refuse to open. If the application is terminated due to system re-boot or power off, then also you may get such error if you try to open it. In that case, this Repair PPTX software will be most useful to repair not-opening PowerPoint file.

Improper Downloading: If your PPT file is not downloaded properly, it will not be opened. It generally happens because of faulty network connection or manual termination of download process. Due to such interruption, a part of that file may be missing and then you will come across such error message.

Operating system Incompatibility: You may get this error message after upgradation of your operating system. If Office PowerPoint application is designed for 64 bit Windows OS and you are trying to open it in 32 bit Windows OS, that file will not be compatible with it. After that, you will get this error.

Virus Infection: You may also get such error if the PPTX file is corrupted due to infection of viruses like Trojan, Malware, Spyware etc. After such infection, anti-virus installed in your system will not allow you to open that suspicious file. However, one can repair cannot open corrupt PPTX file after severe virus attacks, file system corruption, etc. To know more information, simply tap here

You can easily fix your PPTX file corrupted in above discussed reasons using this prominent PPT file repair application. Apart from this “PPTX File Is Not a Valid Win32 Application” error, you can also employ this application to fix all other types of errors like CRC error, HTML import error, registry policy error etc.

This Repair PPTX software is the best tool to fix corrupted, damaged and inaccessible PPTX file on all version of Microsoft Office PowerPoint. It is featured with so many useful facilities in PPT or PPTX file repair. Besides repair operation, it will help you to recover text, OLE objects, hyperlink, images, animation and all other types of data from that corrupted PPTX file. It fixes all types of issues in a read-only and secure way without hampering the original content of that PPTX file. If you face any problem attempting to repair your PPTX file on PowerPoint 2010, you may take help of this link:

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Requirements: Windows 7/XP/Vista Microsoft Office 2000 or above must be installed on the host computer

Follow these steps to Repair PPTX after Application Error:

Step 1: Download and Install this PowerPoint repair application and launch it by clicking on desktop icon.

PPTX File Is Not a Valid Win32 Application - Welcome Window

Figure 1: Welcome Window

Step 2: Now, select the damaged PPTX file using "Browse" button and click on "Repair" to start the repair process as shown in Figure 2

PPTX File Is Not a Valid Win32 Application - File Selection Window

Figure 2: File Selection Window

Step 3: After completion of fixing process, you can preview your repaired file by clicking on "Preview file" option as shown in Figure 3

PPTX File Is Not a Valid Win32 Application - Preview Window

Figure 3: Preview Window

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Requirements: Windows 7/XP/Vista Microsoft Office 2000 or above must be installed on the host computer

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